The Kelley Blue Book Valuation for Junk Cars

Before making money for junk cars, knowing their values is a must. A rough estimation could deny you profits or can turn-off clients, if the pricing is too high. Merely basing it on the rates of other sellers is also not advisable, since there are too many factors that affect the price. Don’t fret; there is a quick and easy way for you to appraise your automobile. Just consult Kelley Blue Book.

What is Kelley Blue Book?

Kelley Blue Book is a company that specializes in the valuation of cars, including junk car. Its website is considered the appraisal bible of used car sellers, since it covers a slew of price factors, which include the make and model and the mileage. Apart from such, it also features a price guide on new cars, making it a handy tool for anyone who wishes to buy or sell cars.

Collating data from actual transactions, you can visit the Kelley Blue Book website to know the current market value of your junk cars as well as the values for private party sale and trade-ins. Its massive database holds nearly every car model in circulation, even old ones that already have limited production.


If I plan to sell my junk car, the logical first step is to head to the site of Kelley Blue Book. From there, I can look for my car under the Used Cars category. The list is very comprehensive, but since it is well categorized, it shouldn’t take too long to find the exact make and model.

Prices will soon be generated, as I go along with the presented categories. The generated rates are pretty accurate. The site even takes into account my location, adjusting the rates whenever necessary. This means I can sell my junk car in various locations within the country, as the site provides accurate suggested rates for different states.

Before settling on the price generated, I might as well check the car for damages and make the appropriate deductions, based on its mileage. The site estimates the amount to be deducted per price factor, so I would still end up with the right value prior to selling. I could then increase the markup, to set the money for junk cars that I would get as profit.

Every serious seller of junk cars depends on Kelley Blue Book to give him or her a highly-accurate estimation on the selling price. You should refer to it, so you can make the most out of every sale.

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