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Creative Ways to deal with your Old Car: Recreate it!

One creative way to deal with an old car is to recreate it into another model or design. Not only would it look like new, it adds a touch of your creative side into it. Take this one for example, though it may not actually classify as a practical choice, it does give you an idea and something to think about.

a Lamborghini GallardoA man, who absolutely adores both Lamborghinis and Fords recently got a Lamborghini Gallardo and turned it into a Ford Mustang. And you probably know how the rest of the world reacted, the man must be out of his mind! Basically, what they did was they took a stock Lamborghini Gallardo, and fabricated the shell of a 2007 Ford Mustang around it.

The end product was called “The Tractorri”, a super car in a Ford Mustang-like external appearance, with a Lamborghini engine horsepower. Imagine when people see you on the road with this one and just pass you by, thinking it was just a normal Mustang, and they look back after hearing the sound of a Lamborghini engine underneath that Mustang car.
a Lamborghini Gallardo turned into a Ford Mustang

The car is actually for sale on Jameslist, and this is what they have to say about it,

The crown jewel of our private collection: The Tractorri. The short version? This is a body-in-white ’07 Mustang shell with the mechanicals from a Lamborghini Gallardo underneath. From the ABS to the AWD to the E-gear transmission everything works. The long version adds two more Mustangs for parts, thousands of hours of labor and enough one-off parts to make most show cars blush. Oh, and our president drives it around–he put over 1500 miles on it this summer alone! Built and maintained by our own Rick Roush this is a werewolf in wolf’s clothing!

Here are more pictures of this interesting car for you to enjoy: