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When Your Mechanic Calls You to Find Out What’s Wrong With Your Vehicle

What do you do when your mechanic does not know what is wrong with your vehicle? I own a 1998 Audi A4 that has been giving me problems with starting up. This problem began about three weeks ago. I parked my car under a train trestle and went to run errands for about an hour. When I returned to my car, it would not start. All of the lights turned on and whatnot, so I knew that the issue was not a dead battery. The first thing that I did was look around to see if I could leave my car parked there and catch a cab. It was a Monday night, and the street sign read that there was no parking permitted there during Tuesday mornings because street cleaning would be going on. I couldn’t leave my car there; I would get a ticket. I called my brother, who is mechanically inclined, and he told me that he would come check out the problem. I sat there waiting, continuously trying to try to start the car. Finally, ten minutes later, the car started right up!

Auto Mechanic“Thank God,” I thought. I called my brother and told him that the car started and that I would be fine for now. I drove the vehicle home and parked it. The next day, I went out to try and start the car and, to my luck, it did not start. I left the car to sit for three days. On the fourth day, I figured that I better try to start it because I didn’t want the battery to die. Low and behold (surprise!) the car started. What a clown situation I had on my hands! The car started whenever it wanted to. After being car-less for a few days, I was elated to have the Hulk (my car’s name) running again. I drove to work and after work, I went home–no problem starting my car. The Hulk was fine for about two weeks.

This past Monday, I got into my car, and it started fine. I drove to the nail salon to do my nails, and when I finished and was ready to head to work, I got into my car, and to my luck (again), the Hulk failed me again! He wouldn’t start! I had to leave my vehicle parked there and walk to my job. I left my car there for about two days and then had it towed to my mechanic‘s shop.

When the car got to the mechanic shop, my mechanic called me and asked me what was wrong with the car and told me that it started for him with no problem. I told him that I had a clown car and that it starts when it wants to. I found it comical that my mechanic was calling me to find out what was wrong with the vehicle. How ironic! I told him that I thought that I needed a new starter and so he gave me one. The Hulk is now running fine.

If you are experiencing problems with your vehicle and are fed up with putting money into and fixing it, you should research junk car removal service. Go to Google’s search bar and type in various keywords such as “Junk My Car,” “Cash for Cars,” or “Sell Car for Scrap.”

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Problems Towers Face

When working for a junk my car company, towers face multiple problems during their work day. One problem that towers face is the fact that they are not allowed to drive on any road that they want to drive on. Towers are prohibited from driving on certain highways where commercial vehicles are prohibited. This causes some inconveniences, as you could imagine, because towers have to find alternate routes to get to their destination.

Another problem that towers face during their work day is that they cannot fit in underground garages and/or parking lots. This is mainly a problem caused by the car seller or the junk my car company’s operator. It is the operator’s responsibility to ask where the vehicle is parked and to make sure that it is easily accessible for a tow driver to tow it away. Sometimes. Though, the operator does in fact ask these questions but the car seller is either not honest or simply does not realize that the vehicle is not easily accessible. So what happens is that the tow driver arrives to the scene where the vehicle is located only to find out that his truck cannot fit into the garage/parking lot, thereby wasting the towers time and the carsellers time.

Being prohibited from driving on certain roads and not being able to fit in garages and parking lots are not the only problems that tow drivers face. Tow drivers also face harassment from police officers. Tow trucks are often pulled over so that police officers can make sure that the company that the tow driver is working for is legit and licensed. This is also an inconvenience because, as we all know, time is money, and pulling a tow driver over is going to cause him to be late to his pickup and every pickup thereafter for that day; it messes up the dispatcher’s schedule for that day as well. Not only does it inconvenience the tow driver and dispatcher, but it also inconveniences the car seller, making him more likely to choose another company to pick up his vehicle.

Other problems that junk my car towers face are harsh weather conditions. These include frigid, windy winters as well as hot, humid summers. Towers have to work outside of the vehicle to hook up the vehicle to their tow truck, so they are exposed to these harsh weather conditions. A tow driver’s job is not as simple as some people may think, after all.

Junk Cars, Receipts, and Fraud

A major problem that arises with junk cars and receipts is fraud. In the case described in my previous blog, junk cars and receipts, the customers actually did sell their vehicles to a junk car removal service and were in search of a receipt. Other so called customers call Junk My Car companies looking for a receipt but actually never sold their vehicles at all. These type of people are looking for a proof or purchase for their vehicles, but their vehicles were never actually purchased; the vehicle owner still has possession of the vehicles.

These people are committing fraudulent activity. They are in search of a junk my car company that will make out a receipt for their vehicles so that either the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) or their automobile insurance companies can pay them for their supposed junked vehicles, which were never actually junked. This type of activity is illegal and punishable by law. Junk my car companies have to be ware of these type of people. Operators should confirm with tow drivers that the vehicles in question were actually picked up before they make out a receipt for the vehicles.

Junk car removal companies on the Northern East Coast have been overloaded with flooded vehicles that have been damaged in Hurricane Sandy and are more likely to simply make up a receipt for a vehicle that a Fraudulent person is claiming that the company purchased. When a company is so overloaded with business, it is more likely to make mistakes such as making out a receipt for a vehicle that it never actually bought. Junk car removal and junk my car companies need to stay alert and be ware of people who are trying to get receipts for vehicles that were never purchased.