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Problems Free Junk Car Removal Operators Run into

Free junk car removal operators run into some problems when talking to potential junk cars sellers. One problem is that the junk car sellers do not know basic information about the vehicles that they are selling such as the year, make, and model of the vehicle and the mechanical problems.

Another problem that operators run into, other than car sellers not knowing the answers to simple questions, is people trying to junk vehicles that they do not have paper work for that are on their property. What these people do not understand is that you cannot get rid of a vehicle that you do not have paperwork for; it is not your vehicle. Operators, in this case, will advise the car seller that he does not have authorization to sell this vehicle because he does not have the paperwork. The paperwork shows ownership. So, no paper work means no ownership. Operators will inform the car seller that he has to contact a police department to retrieve a letter of abandonment. This letter will give him authorization to sell the vehicle.

Aside from potential car sellers who do not know basic information about their vehicles and who do not have the proper paperwork for their vehicles, free junk car removal operators also run into another problem: that of which is when the car seller fails to be truthful. For example, operators usually ask where the vehicle is located and if the vehicle has any flat tires. Sometimes the car seller will lie and say there are no flats. Answering these questions
truthfully is important because the operator has to know which type of truck to send to tow away the vehicle. If a vehicle has flat tires, a tow truck cannot be sent; a flatbed has to be sent. On the contrary, if a vehicle is parked in an underground garage, a flatbed cannot fit down there; a small tow truck has to be sent.

When operators do not answer questions truthfully, it causes problems. The “Free junk car removal” service winds up sending a tow truck driver to the location of the vehicle to only find out that that tow driver cannot tow away that vehicle. It costs people time and money. When junking a vehicle, be sure to answer all questions and be precise as to the vehicle condition and where it is located.

The Price of Scrap Metal

The price of scrap metal is the highest that it has been in years. This means that the demand for scrap metal is also high, as is competition for junk car buyers. Junk car removal companies have been forced to increase the price that they pay for junk cars. There is so much competition amongst junk car removal companies that some companies are offering so much money for junk cars so that they can eliminate competition, but because these companies are offering so much money for the junk cars, the companies themselves are making next to no profit for the vehicles.

Not only are junk car removal companies experiencing competition with other junk car removal companies, but they are also facing competition with fraudulent junk car buyers. Legally, junk car removal services are required to have a business license. However, there are junk car
buyers/towers out there who do not have a license and who continue to buy/tow junk vehicles. These people are not the only competitors.

There are yet other people who, rather than buying and selling vehicles whole to the junkyard, take car parts and sell them individually. Often, these people are crooks who go around and rob car parts off of vehicles and sell the individual parts to the junkyard. The plus side of selling parts individually is that you do not need paperwork to show ownership of the individual car part. (When a vehicle is being sold as whole, the title is required. If. However, the vehicle is at least 10 years old, the registration and copy of the registered owner’s license can be accepted.) So, people go around stealing parts like catalytic converters off of vehicles and bring them to a junkyard to receive some immediate cash.

During hurricane Sandy, junk car removal companies rounded up tens and hundreds of flooded vehicles and packed them into yards so as to round up as many vehicles as they could before other competitors bought the vehicles. Crooks were going around to these yards and stealing car parts to make quick cash. It goes to show you the extent certain people will go to make a quick dollar and that the scrap metal business is extremely competitive.

Damages Caused by Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy hit the East Coast hard in late October. She began as a category one hurricane and turned into a tropical storm (by the time she reached New York). This downgrade into a tropical storm, however, does not mean that her affects were less-damaging. This is because although she was a tropical storm, she met a northeaster, so the impact was tremendous. Sandy has been called the “Frankenstorm” and the “Superstorm.” In diameter, Sandy was the largest hurricane in the Atlantic, with winds spanning 1,100 miles.  Sandy affected at least 24 states in America.

In New York State, Sandy caused billions of dollars in damages. The New York subway system flooded, leaving many people without a way to commute. With no mass transit, people resorted to using their vehicles (those that were not flooded in the hurricane) to  travel. This caused traffic in the streets, which was dangerous because many places experienced electrical outages, meaning street lights were out. Another problem with using vehicles as the main source of transportation is the fact that many gas stations were flooded and are closed, and those gas stations that were not flooded and still have power, are running out of gas. The lines for gas are tremendous, and gas is limited.

video source: ABCNews

Not everyone has the luxury of using their vehicle as transportation, though, because their vehicle(s) were hit by fallen trees, causing the roof and/or hood of the vehicle to dent and causing broken windows and windshields.  Other vehicles were flooded in Hurricane Sandy.  The flood waters came as high as the roofs of some vehicles, causing vehicles to float through the streets and causing them to float into other vehicles. Vehicles that are flooded are not safe to drive. The first thing to do if your vehicle floods, is to call your insurance company. Most likely the insurance company is going to deem your vehicle as salvaged because a vehicle flooded with salt water causes damages that are not worth fixing because the cost of the damages exceeds the value of the vehicle itself. When your vehicle is deemed as salvaged, you have to sell it to a salvage car company, also known as a junk car removal service.

When you contact junk car removal services, you will be asked the year, make, and model of the vehicle as well as the mileage, body condition, and mechanical problems. If your vehicle has been hit by a tree or has been flooded, you need to let the operator know. Contact a junk car removal service as quick as possible because the longer the vehicle sits in salt water, the less it will be worth.