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Different Phone Numbers, Same Company?

When a person decides to junk a car, the first thing he does is search the internet for either contact numbers or a quote request form to fill out. Many junk car removal services will provide an online form that you can fill out in order to get a price quote. These online forms are usually brief, asking for just the year, make, and model of the vehicle and for contact information. A lot of the times, the person filling out the form is under the impression that he will receive an instant quote once he submits the form. What actually happens, though, is that the company receives the form and then (based on the contact information that was provided) will send the quote via either phone or email. Rather than waiting around for the phone call or email, customers will sometimes call the company up right away to retrieve the quote.

It is important to note that people who are looking to junk a car do not contact just one company. Naturally, people are going to want the maximum price quote for their vehicle(s), so, they contact as many companies as possible until they find a satisfying price quote. Companies know that customers are going to do this. Therefore, what these companies do is design various different websites with different numbers so as to make it look like each website represents different companies, when in reality the websites all represent one single company. What happens here, then, is that the customers will write down various different numbers, thinking that they are contacting various different companies. When they call the supposed “different companies” they become confused when the same operator answers the phone. Sometimes the operator will say “you are calling back the same company.”

If, however, it is not the same operator on the line, the customer may provide all his information again (the year, make, and model of his vehicle, the mechanical problems and body condition, and his contact information). Sometimes, the operators themselves have no idea that another operator in the office spoke to the same customer. So, sometimes double quotes are given, which are usually identical. If you are looking to junk a car, in order to avoid confusion, when you call up a company to receive a quote, ask the operator what the name of the company is. In this way, you can be sure that you are not calling the same company multiple times when you can be spending your time more efficiently contacting other companies.