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Hurricane Sandy Relief

Hurricane Sandy flooding left many people with inoperable vehicles that are essentially junk cars now. Many car companies are providing relief for Hurricane Sandy.

Nissan is offering employee discounts on Nissan and Infiniti vehicles to people whose vehicles have become junk cars from Hurricane Sandy flooding. The discounts are being offered to people located in federally designated disaster and emergency areas. These areas include those states along the East Coast, some of which are New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Delaware, among others. Discounts will be applied to all new Nissan and Infiniti models except the Nissan GT-R and Nissan Versa Sedan 5 trim.

Eligible applicants will receive the following discounts:

• $750 under invoice on Nissan Versa, Sentra, cube and Nissan LEAF™

• $1,000 under invoice on Nissan Altima, Altima Coupe, Rogue, Xterra,
Frontier and Juke

• $1,000 under invoice on Nissan NV Standard Roof, High Roof and Passenger Van

• $1,250 under invoice on New Infiniti models

• $1,500 under invoice on Nissan 370Z Coupe and Roadster, Maxima,
Pathfinder, Titan, Armada, Quest, Murano and Murano CrossCabriolet

If you have junk cars and want to apply for discounts, you need to geta VPP Claim ID. To do so, go to www.insidenissan.com and enter VPP008497 in the VPP Company Code search box. Click “Continue” and then click the “HURRICANE SANDY” link. Finally, enter your home address, email, phone, etc.

After getting a VPP Claim ID, print and bring a copy of your completed Qualification Form to your local Nissan or Infiniti Dealer. Then bring a printed copy of your VPP Claim ID number to your local Nissan or Infiniti Dealer and identify yourself as a Nissan VPP Customer. Lastly, select your New Nissan or Infiniti. (Be sure to remember to bring the insurance card for proof of ownership, the Insurance claim number, and the insurance adjuster damage appraisal form, including location, date and cause of damage/loss.)

(The above information has been provided by http://insidenissan.com.)

The Nissan and Infiniti discounts will be offered through January 2, 2013.

Furthermore, Nissan is allowing customers to yield payments up to three months. Not only is Nissan helping in Hurricane Sandy relief, but other companies are helping as well. General Motors has donated fifty vehicles to the American Red Cross for use in relief for Hurricane Sandy. Ford is also helping out in relief by donating $50,000 to the American Red Cross.

Driving a Vehicle is a Luxury Nowadays

Hurricane Sandy has made it evident that owning a vehicle is truly a Luxury today. To simply drive a vehicle is expensive and is indulgence, so to speak. It is becoming something that only the rich and comfortable can enjoy.

Many vehicles were damaged during Sandy. In zone A and B areas, hundreds of vehicles were flooded, and if you were fortunate to have a vehicle that survived a flood, chances are that your vehicle was hit by a fallen tree. Many people were, therefore, left with no vehicle and no form of transportation post-Sandy. Many of these people have resorted to renting vehicles, which is very expensive, not to mention the extra cost (and hassle) to put gas in the vehicle.

Before Hurricane Sandy, many people complained about gas prices. Now, post-Sandy, not only have gas prices remained at an all-time high, but gas is scarce and limited. Gas lines now extend for blocks and blocks, leaving drivers with no other option than to wait on lines for hours at a time. This is not to say that if you wait on the line for hours, that you are guaranteed gas. Take for instance, Jon Deresnio from Howard Beach New York. He waited on a gas line for four hours to only be thrown off the line because the gas station ran out of gas. There are plenty of stories where drivers have waited on lines (for even longer than four hours) to only be told that they are out of luck because there is no more gas left.

Not only do gas prices and the scarcity of gas prove that driving is a luxury, but there are many other expenses that come with owning a vehicle. There are registration and insurance fees as well as fees having to do with the up-keep of the vehicle. If you can afford driving a vehicle nowadays, consider yourself lucky.

Damages Caused by Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy hit the East Coast hard in late October. She began as a category one hurricane and turned into a tropical storm (by the time she reached New York). This downgrade into a tropical storm, however, does not mean that her affects were less-damaging. This is because although she was a tropical storm, she met a northeaster, so the impact was tremendous. Sandy has been called the “Frankenstorm” and the “Superstorm.” In diameter, Sandy was the largest hurricane in the Atlantic, with winds spanning 1,100 miles.  Sandy affected at least 24 states in America.

In New York State, Sandy caused billions of dollars in damages. The New York subway system flooded, leaving many people without a way to commute. With no mass transit, people resorted to using their vehicles (those that were not flooded in the hurricane) to  travel. This caused traffic in the streets, which was dangerous because many places experienced electrical outages, meaning street lights were out. Another problem with using vehicles as the main source of transportation is the fact that many gas stations were flooded and are closed, and those gas stations that were not flooded and still have power, are running out of gas. The lines for gas are tremendous, and gas is limited.

video source: ABCNews

Not everyone has the luxury of using their vehicle as transportation, though, because their vehicle(s) were hit by fallen trees, causing the roof and/or hood of the vehicle to dent and causing broken windows and windshields.  Other vehicles were flooded in Hurricane Sandy.  The flood waters came as high as the roofs of some vehicles, causing vehicles to float through the streets and causing them to float into other vehicles. Vehicles that are flooded are not safe to drive. The first thing to do if your vehicle floods, is to call your insurance company. Most likely the insurance company is going to deem your vehicle as salvaged because a vehicle flooded with salt water causes damages that are not worth fixing because the cost of the damages exceeds the value of the vehicle itself. When your vehicle is deemed as salvaged, you have to sell it to a salvage car company, also known as a junk car removal service.

When you contact junk car removal services, you will be asked the year, make, and model of the vehicle as well as the mileage, body condition, and mechanical problems. If your vehicle has been hit by a tree or has been flooded, you need to let the operator know. Contact a junk car removal service as quick as possible because the longer the vehicle sits in salt water, the less it will be worth.