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Canadians prefer cars to sex, junk food

Many Canadians say they would forgo sex, credit cards or junk food before giving up their cars. (iStock)
Canadians are so attached to their vehicles that many say they would forgo sex, television, junk food or credit cards before giving up driving.

The survey conducted by the World Wildlife Fund underscores the challenge of promoting alternative forms of transportation as a means of helping the environment.

The WWF said 78 per cent of Canadians know driving has a negative impact on the environment, yet only one per cent would be willing to give up their cars.

“If every Canadian left their car at home just one day a week, we would save about 4.86 million tones of greenhouse gas emissions, the equivalent of taking about 800,000 cars off the road for a year,” said Gerald Butts, the president and CEO of WWF Canada.

The World Wildlife Fund is launching a campaign to encourage Canadians to try other forms of transportation, such as public transit, bicycling or walking.

“No matter where we live in Canada, we can all find ways to reduce our dependency on cars — to save money, improve our health and help the planet,” Butts said.

In Canada, transportation accounts for 30 per cent of greenhouse gasses.

According to the Canadian Automobile Association, driving is also hard on the pocketbook, with a mid-sized sedan costing an average of $8,440 in fuel, maintenance and other operating costs. Driving a minivan costs more than $11,200.

The WWF survey found that 76 per cent of Canadians say they would drive even if they could walk, bike or take public transit to their destination.

Canadians are being asked to try alternatives to driving during the week of May 31 to June 6.

The survey was conducted by Research House on behalf of the WWF between April 16 and 21, with 2002 adults surveyed. The margin of error is plus or minus 2.19 per cent 19 times out of 20.

Cash for junk cars

Donating your Junk Car to Charity

old car in garageYou walk one day to your garage and see your old car in it. Then suddenly you thought to yourself that this car has been there for quite some time now, and you need to dispose of it already. Now you might be confused on how you would be able to get rid of that junk car, because there are quite a number of ways you can do so. So let us give you one way that would be simple and would actually benefit you. Why not just donate your car to charity?

donating a carDonating your car to charity is a great way to get a tax deduction, not to mention clearing up space in your yard or garage. It is a socially conscious and economically responsible way to get rid of that old junk car. Plus you get that good feeling within yourself that you helped somebody, for donating your car to charity.

When you do decide to donate your car, you need to remember that not all charities accept junk cars, but most of them do anyway. One way you can find out is by contacting different charitable organizations directly and ask them how you can donate your car. More often than not, they would arrange a pick-up service for your car so you wouldn’t have to deal with it.

tax deductionClean your car from inside-out before giving it to charity. Ready the title and registration papers of your car so you can hand it out when you donate your car. Before you go, ask the charity for the IRS form 8283 to write your car off as tax deduction. Always make sure that you get a receipt, or any form of documentation which you can use when you prepare for your taxes.

In the end of this ordeal, not only did you manage to get rid of your old car, but it has benefited you in a big way through tax deduction, and you end up helping your community as well.