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How to get Cash for Junk Cars

Geoffrey Chaucer once said that all good things must come to an end. From amazing vacations to life, eventually everything reaches its conclusion. Even your relationship with your good old reliable car. When this time arrives, the time when you know your car has seen too many road signs and has too little life left in it to take you where you need to be (a less poetic way to put this: you know your car is junk and has got to go), your farewell need not be full of forlornness. It can actually become a bittersweet affair. Bitter because of the goodbye, but sweet, oh so sweet, because of the money you can get from your car.

How to Get Cash for Junk Cars
Yes, ‘tis true. But how to get cash for junk cars?

How to Get Cash for Junk CarsThere are several ways for a person to procure money with his/her old junk car. All of these methods involve selling parts of your car or your car as a whole package. Sometimes it doesn’t even matter if the car still runs, doesn’t run or is damaged beyond repair.

The first and most self-sufficient method is doing all the work yourself; that is to say, taking your old car to the junkyard through your own efforts. Before bringing your car to the junkyard, you must first drain all of the fluids it contains, make sure that the tires are in good condition (do not include the spare tire because most car junkyards only allow four per vehicle), have your title handy (although some junk car buyers are willing to buy cars even without a title) and when everything’s a-okay, tow your car to the junkyard of your choice.

Another way is parting out your car. Sell old car parts that still function – car tires, engines, batteries and catalytic converter online or to friends and colleagues. The problem with this is waiting for viable takers.

The last and, dare I say, easiest way to get rid of your junk car is by using a junk car removal company. These companies give you cash for junk cars, no matter what shape they are in. All you have to do is contact them, schedule a tow and get paid.

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The Process of Getting Your Vehicle on the Road

In my previous blog, I discussed buying vehicles outright and leasing and financing vehicles. Choosing a payment method when purchasing your vehicle is just the first step of many before you can actually get your vehicle on the road.

Let’s say, for example, that you choose to buy your vehicle outright. You begin looking for used cars for sale in your neighborhood. Your budget is $5,000. You find a 1998 Audi A4 for sale for $3900. You should contact a mechanic friend or a friend that is well informed about mechanics–or cars in general –and go visit the vehicle. You should play close attention to the amount of miles on the vehicle and make sure that the vehicle has no mechanical problems. Also, check that the body condition is in good shape. You want to make sure that the vehicle is worth its price. After you inspect the vehicle and decide that it is worth the sale price, you buy the vehicle.

What happens next? After you purchase the vehicle and have the previous car owner sign over the title to you, you must register the vehicle and get plates for it at the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). You must also have the vehicle inspected and purchase insurance for the vehicle. All of these processes cost time and money. It is my pleasure to announce that there are companies that conduct all of these processes for you for a small fee.

One such company is JYD Auto Leasing and Sales. (JYD Auto Leasing and Sales is different from Junkyard Direct [JYD], which is a cash for junk cars company.) This company is an automobile brokerage firm. It conducts all DMV services (including licenses, plates, titles, etc.) as well as conducting auto leases. JYD Auto Leasing and Sales also helps customers find used vehicles. Furthermore, this company also helps clients to choose the best auto insurance company.  JYD Auto Leasing and Sales even helps people find a mechanic if they need mechanical work done to their vehicle and also helps find car parts for a vehicle if needed. JYD Auto Leasing and Sales eliminates all the hassles that come along with finding a vehicle and getting it on the road.

The cash for junk cars company, Junkyard Direct, website is www.junkyarddirect.com. JYD Auto Leasing and Sales’ website is www.jydautoleasing.com.

Selling Your Junk Car? Consider a Dismantler

How to maximize cash for your junk car? The question’s a bit tricky ‘cause there are just so many buyers out there who would only be too glad to purchase your junk car. These buyers include middlemen, small towing companies, junkyards, scrapyards and nationwide recycling companies among others. To narrow down your list of potential buyers, try considering selling your car to a dismantler.

A dismantler is basically a company that gets cars for junk to dismantle them and salvage their usable parts. This company is different from a pure scrapyard that simply hauls junk cars, depollutes them (i.e., safely gets rid of their hazardous wastes), and smashes them for the metal. A dismantler takes out spare parts and sells them to buyers for much lower prices than OE components. For instance, say, your car is not roadworthy anymore because it has all sorts of engine damage. However, its bodywork is still completely fine; the doors are in sound condition and the headlights are still working. A dismantler would remove these parts first, sell them, before crushing the remaining parts for the metal.

So why consider a dismantler? Generally, a dismantler will have more money to offer you since they make more money off selling usable spare parts and off the crushed metal. It’s really a better choice than going for small-time local junkyards or towing companies that don’t have that much money. The best place to look for dismantlers is online. Just Google your location and search for dismantlers nearest you. You may also be able to get results for nationwide dismantlers that’ll likely have more money to pay for cars for junk.

Another reason why it’s a great idea to dispose of your junk car through a dismantler is that it’s the “greener” way. Since your car’s components are not processed and sold directly to buyers, there’s less carbon footprint involved. Wouldn’t you want to get rid of your old clunker and help protect the environment in the process? So go ahead and consider a dismantler when trying to sell your junk car.