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Council Approves Junk Car Program

While it may not leave every surface along East End Road or on the Spit with a bright shine, Homer’s junk car program could at least eliminate a few side-of-the-road rust buckets.

The Homer City Council passed an ordinance at Monday’s meeting that would put aside $15,000 for the removal of junk cars. Of that $15,000, $10,000 will come from money leftover from 2009 revenues that hasn’t been used in the 2010 budget. The other $5,000 will come from planning reserves.

With that cash, the city will drain the fluid and dispose of one junk car per family on a first-come, first-served basis, possibly during the spring community cleanup May 1.

Currently, the cost of removing fluids and the battery from a junk car is about $150, and the total cost of disposal is about $300 to the individual.

Borough taxpayers pay the cost of crushing, transporting, storing and transporting the cars to Anchorage.

The council had asked city staff to have a second look at the budget to see if the $15,000 could be patched together from cutting small amounts in different areas.

Homer’s City Manager Walt Wrede explained that with a budget as lean as 2010′s there really was not much fat left to be cut from the bone.

“We really couldn’t find much because those budgets are pretty lean. The other problem with borrowing from line items this early in the year is that we’re only a couple of months into the budgeting year and if we are overrunning line items now then we’re in trouble,” said Wrede.

The council hopes to continue the program over the coming years as a service, but is hoping to find alternative methods of funding.

City staff continues to look for grants that would apply to the junk car program, though City Planner Rick Abboud said none had been found as of yet.

Abboud also noted in his memo that accumulated junk cars reduce property values, are potentially hazardous to the environment, are often eyesores and cause substantial work not just for Planning and Zoning, but also for Port and Harbor personnel with derelict vehicles on port property and the Police Department, which is responsible for citations and dealing with abandoned vehicles.

Juneau runs a similar junk car program, and disposes of around 800 junk cars annually. Nearly $180,000 of the total $417,000 budget comes from a motor vehicle registration tax.

Juneau budgets about $425 per vehicle for fluid removal and for shipping.

Homer’s take of the motor vehicle registration tax, nearly $62,000, goes into the general fund.

Council member Kevin Hogan was not certain that the city had any responsibility to deal with abandoned or junk cars owned privately.

“I’m not sure why the city is taking on this responsibility. It seems like it should be the citizen’s responsibility to dispose of their junk. I’m not sure that it’s appropriate to use city money to deal with a private problem,” said Hogan.

Hogan was the only council member to oppose the program in the roll call vote.
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Top 5 Reasons Why you should Recycle your Junk Car

old junk carIf you have a junk car in your possession and it has been with you for the longest of time that it has become such an eyesore for people passing-by your house, maybe it’s about time that you consider to have your junk car removed from your property and recycled for good use. There are a lot of reasons why you should consider recycling your junk car and here are some of the top reasons.

    car donation
  1. You can donate your car to charity. This way, you’ll be helping others by donating your car, and you can also use that to write it off as tax deduction. Not only did you feel good knowing that someone else would benefit from your donation, it also helped you lessen the amount you’ll pay for tax. It’s also relatively easy to donate your car since there are a lot of charities available that would accept your junk car donation.
  2. You can have the car removed without any hassles. In case you missed it, if you donate your car or have it recycled, car removal companies would be the one to get your car from your house. You don’t have to worry about how to take your car to them as they would take care of all that for you.
  3. Some of your car’s parts can be recycled. Though your car may have been stuck on your garage for a number of months or even years, not all of the car’s parts is busted. There are still some working parts and these can be sold to those who can’t afford to purchase new parts for their automobiles. And you don’t have to worry about prospect buyers since buying used car parts has been pretty common nowadays.
  4. car scrap metal

  5. Scrap Metal comes out of your Junk Car. Most of your junk car can still be used for scrap metal. These metals can be used for construction or repair of other cars. They can also be melted down and create new metals out of them. Also, compared to mining or processing metal from raw materials, recycling scrap metals significantly contributes to a lessening greenhouse gas emissions.
  6. Toxic chemicals and parts are removed properly. Instead of risking harmful chemicals to spill out of your junk car while it’s in storage with you, you can have them disposed off in an environmentally-friendly manner when you have your junk car recycled. Car removal companies safely removes these toxic parts and chemicals and disposes of them properly.

Bottom line is, there are a lot more advantages than disadvantages when you choose to recycle your car. It not only helps you, but you can also help your community and the environment as well with the simple act of recycling your junk car.

Simple Tips to Find the Right Car Removal Company

junk carMost of the time when we talk about junk cars and selling them, you would think that you’re not going to get much from your junk car. While that may be true for some car removal companies that focus more on just making money for themselves, there are still some car removal companies that don’t follow the same trend.

car removalFirst, you need to be aware that there are some car removal companies that are run together with local scrap yards, car auctions, and used car dealers. That means there is no autonomy from the car removal company, this is the reason why you don’t get too much money from your junk car. Always keep that in mind when you’re looking for a car removal company. Next, remember that when you sell your junk car to a car removal company, it must be removed for free. Some car removal companies don’t offer these services. Also, try to keep an eye out for car removal companies that are mindful of the environmental effects of their business. Car removal companies should take care of the toxic chemicals that they get in an environmentally-conscious way.

So the next time you’re planning on getting rid of your junk car through a car removal company, always remember the tips above. Keep a lookout for those companies that work to ensure that you get the most money out of your junk car. These tips would ensure that you’re gonna be selling your junk car to a car removal company that would treat you right.