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Junking your vehicle in the fall

Seasons are changing, and the weather is becoming less favorable, if you will. It is becoming colder out and the days are shorter; the sun isn’t staying out as long as it did in summertime. You have a junk vehicle sitting around and have been thinking of junking it to make some money, but this change of season has been holding you back. School has started. You may be busy with work and school—School by day and work at night or vice versa. Or maybe you have children and are busy with them—picking them up from school (after a long day of work) and making sure that they eat their dinner and do their homework. Life is busy. It’s hard to find free time.

Junking your vehicle is just another thing that you have to get done, on top of that long list of all the other things that must get done. That junk vehicle that you have just sitting there is becoming covered in the orange and yellow leaves that are falling off of the trees. It is only going to get colder and harsher out there. Now, believe it or not, is the optimal time to junk your vehicle! The holidays are just around the corner. Why not finally get rid of that vehicle and get some extra cash in your pocket?  Junking your car is quick and simple, contrary to what you may think.

The first step when junking your vehicle is to shop around. You have to call a few junk car removal services and see which place offers you the most money for your vehicle. Although this may seem troublesome at first, it really is not. I encourage you to spend just ten or twenty minutes on the phone to call a few places around your area. This first step will take no more than twenty minutes—maximum.

This first step, actually, is the “hardest” step, so to speak. The following steps are as simple as cake. After you receive a quote that you like, all you have to do is schedule a pickup that is convenient for you. Lastly, you meet with the tow driver to receive your cash! It is as simple as 1-2-3! A lot of junk car removal services offer same-day pickup, so you can possibly get rid of your clunker as soon as today! Consider junking your vehicle right now.

The Top Three Problems that Tow Drivers Encounter

1. The customer says over the phone that nothing is wrong with the vehicle mechanically, but when the driver arrives to the scene, he finds out that the vehicle is missing a motor. If a vehicle is missing any car parts at all, you should inform the junk car towing company that you are dealing with. A vehicle without a motor is called a shell and is worth very little money. Most junk car towing services do not pick up shells. Even if you schedule a pickup knowing that your vehicle is missing a motor, the tow driver is going to pay you little or nothing for your vehicle. If you know that a car part is missing from your vehicle, be honest with the company that you are dealing with.

2. The customer says over the phone that he has the necessary paperwork for the vehicle, but when the driver gets there, the customer fails to actually have the paperwork. Junk car towing companies cannot purchase and tow away vehicles without the proper paperwork. If a driver does purchase your vehicle and does not have the necessary paperwork, that driver can get into trouble with the law, and the company owner is at risk of losing his license. If you
are in New York, be sure to have the original title OR the original registration with a copy of the registered owner’s driver’s license.

3. The customer says that his vehicle was in a shop but has satisfied the bill and has gotten it released. When the driver gets to the scene, he learns that the customer lied. The customer had gotten to the shop the same time as the tow driver. This is a problem because getting the vehicle released is a timely process. Paperwork has to be filled out and the vehicle has to be dug out from behind other vehicles. Most companies pay their tow drivers by the hour and most companies are not going to allow the tow driver to sit their and wait while you fill out paper work to get your vehicle released. Save yourself and the tow drivers the time by first going to the shop and getting the vehicle released and then call the tow company for them to dispatch a tow driver to pick up your vehicle.

How to Get Rid of a Junk Vehicle

Junk cars can be a nuisance to have and a nuisance to get rid of.

Junk cars are those vehicles that are sometimes old and broken down. They sometimes have rust and dents, broken windows, and are vandalized. Other junk vehicles, though, have a great body condition. They have no scratches and no dents, but the engine has blown or the transmission is slipping. These sort of mechanical problems are very expensive to repair and are often not worth fixing.

Getting rid of junk cars can be a nuisance because some people do not know where to begin the process, but junking a vehicle is actually a lot easier than people may think. The first step is to shop around at various junk car removal companies for a price quote. Once you receive the quote that you like, you schedule a pickup. Many junk car removal companies will offer free towing, so be sure to ask if they provide such services. Once you have a scheduled pickup, all you need to do is hand the tow driver the proper paperwork for the vehicle (either the title or the registration and a copy of the registered owner’s driver’s license) and the keys, and he pays you for your vehicle.

If you have a junk car you need to get rid of, think again while trying to get rid of it. It isn’t that difficult to get rid of.