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Toyo Recalls Tires in the USA

Toyo Tire (not to be mistaken with Toyota) is recalling over sixty thousand tires due to defects.

The recalled tires were sold in the United States between September 2009 and November 2010. It is the the P225/60R-16 Extensa A/S tires that are being recalled. The tires are labelled “Made in the USA.” Tires made in Japan and China are not being recalled.

The tires are said to be defected due to a kink in the bead, which can lead to deflation and tire failure.

The recall begins February 2, and owners can contact Toyo anytime at (800) 442-8696.

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Supreme Court Rules on GPS Tracking Privacy

The Supreme Court recently ruled that law enforcement personnel securing a GPS on a person’s vehicle violates the Fourth Amendment; the court ruled that a warrant is needed to do so.

Before the ruling, law enforcement authorities were allowed to place GPS trackers onto vehicles if they had probable cause because “nobody should expect privacy in public.”

In 2005, law enforcement officials affixed a GPS tracker onto a suspected drug dealer’s vehicle. The officials tracked the supposed dealer, Antoine Jones, for twenty-eight days. The officials were successful in busting Jones with one hundred kilos of cocaine and a million dollars in Maryland.

The court suggested that securing the GPS to the vehicle was an invasion of property (and privacy) akin to a home search.

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