Monthly Archives: November 2011

New Mercedes Benz Coupes Cut Their Weight

In January, an auto show will be held in Detroit, where the new Mercedes Benz SL coupes will be shown.
The shell of the new Benz will be made of mostly aluminum and will also be made of steel and magnesium. This means that the weight of the car will drop. The car will also have more power.
Despite the fact that the new vehicle will weigh less and have more power, the safety of it is not diminished. Mercedes Benz claims that its building techniques such as welding, bonding, hemming, riveting, and bolting allow for low vibration and safety.
The new vehicle will also have a better sound system and new windshield wipers that spray water directly in front of the blades. This means that drivers will not see the splash of liquid when they spray the fluid to clean the windshield.  Mercedes Bens names these new additions the FrontBass system and the Magic Vision Control, respectively. scrap vehicle.

Jeep Coming Out with New Additions

Jeep is preparing for this winter by coming out with vehicles equipped for the cold weather. We know that the winter can bring Arctic weather, and so Jeep’s new additions are called just that: Arctic.

Jeep is adding two new models to car dealerships. The first is  called the Arctic Wrangler, and the second is called the Arctic Liberty.

The Wrangler comes in two or four-door models and has a 283-hp 3.6-liter V6 engine, whereas the Liberty comes in the SUV-type 4 door model and has a 3.7 liter V6, producing 210-hp. Sell junk car

Both vehicles are introduced in arctic-like colors such as light blue, white, and silver, and come with mopar slush mats and black and orange interior. They also have actic patches on the front seats, which are heated, and on the door handles.

The Wrangler is selling for $32,669, and the Liberty is selling for $27,465.