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California Laws Require Junk Vehicles to be Marked as Junk

Have you ever been in search of a used vehicle to buy? You have all those “what ifs” that every car buyer asks: what if the car is a lemon? What if the seller is trying to rip me off? What if the car is stolen? What if the car is junk? Such questions are normal and expected for a person looking to buy a used car, especially if the potential buyer is not educated on mechanics. California is the first state to take a step toward answering one of these questions, which is “what if the car is junk?”

Junk Vehicles in Sacramento, California must be marked with a sticker. The sticker is used to notify potential buyers of the vehicle’s condition and the damages that it has. So, if a car is salvaged, the car owner will not be able to resell it.

The question that arises, though, is what is going to happen at car auctions? Usually potential auction buyers are unaware of the status of the vehicle when it is bought. You do not know if it is a car that could be resold or if it is just junk. Now that junk cars will be labeled in California, however, changes may be seen on the auction market.

Are You Looking to Sell Your Vehicle that Was Damaged During Hurricane Irene?

Hurricane Irene hit the east coast hard, and flooding caused much damage to many cars. Whereas some vehicles can be repaired, yet other vehicles have damage that exceeds the worth of the vehicle itself. Many insurance companies do not pay to repair damage when it exceeds the worth of the car, and the car is marked as salvaged. If your vehicle has been marked as salvaged, there is basically nothing you can do with it. A salvage car cannot be sold, and to fix the car on your own would be worthless and pointless. The cost to fix it would be more than that of the worth of the car itself. The best thing to do with the vehicle is to junk it. You can earn some money for junking the car and can put that money toward buying a new vehicle. Consider junking your salvaged car today!

Be Wary of Whom You Choose to Sell Your Junk Vehicles to

If you are trying to get rid of a vehicle, whether it be simply because you are bored of the vehicle and recently got a new one or, rather, because it is just junk, you must use caution when deciding whom to sell your vehicle to.

If your vehicle is junk and you choose to sell it to a junk car removal service, make sure that the company you are selling the vehicle to is licensed. And now you ask why? What does it really matter? Well, it matters a lot, actually. Suppose, for instance, that you do sell your car to an unlicensed junk car removal service. Sometimes these types of companies buy junk vehicles with the intention of fixing them and reselling them to a third party. So suppose the car that you thought was junk is fixed and resold as a used vehicle. The unlicensed company neglects to properly sign over the title, and the title is still in your name. If the third party owner gets into an accident or gets any tickets, you will be held liable and responsible. (The same goes for selling your car to a private party. That is, make sure you sign over the title properly. Otherwise, you’d be responsible for anything that occurs with the car.)

Now you ask, how do I know if the company I am dealing with is licensed? You simply ask. If the company confirms that it is licensed and you are still unsure, you can double check when the tow truck comes to pick up your vehicle. You can identify if a company is licensed by reading the labeling on the tow truck. The tow truck should have the name of the company, the address of the business, and a number that verifies its having a license. The number should be IVC followed by the number sign and about seven digits. An example is as follows: IVC#0000000. If the company says that it is licensed and the tow truck has all this information, the company is licensed. If you want to take a step further, you can always call the Department of Motor Vehicles and ask  if the company you are dealing with is licensed.