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How to Know Whether Fixing a Vehicle or Junking it is the Better Decision

The first thing to look at when evaluating whether or not a vehicle should be junked is the motor. The motor is the part of the vehicle that enables it to move. It is perhaps the most important part of a vehicle. If a vehicle is having mechanical problems with the motor, it can cost a few thousand dollars to fix it. Depending on the vehicle, investing this amount of money into a damaged motor may be a waste of time and money. Usually when the motor is going, it is time for the car to go; it is time to junk it.

Another thing to consider when evaluating whether or not to junk a vehicle is the body condition. First evaluate the exterior: If the frame of the vehicle is bent, odds are it is time for the car to go; a vehicle with a bent frame is not worth fixing. The vehicle should also be inspected for rust when evaluating the exterior of the body. The interior of the vehicle should also be inspected for rust. Rust can be found under the carriage of the vehicle, under mats inside the vehicle, in the glove compartment, and/or on the dashboard of the vehicle. Rust indicates water damage and damage that is perhaps un-repairable.

In sum, if a vehicle’s motor has mechanical problems and/or if the frame of the vehicle is bent, odds are the vehicle is a junk car.

From eyesore to profit

If you have an eyesore of a car in your garage, why not look for channels to turn it into profit? Here are a few ways to turn that so-called trash into gold:

Consult an expert

If possible, look for more than just one specialist to help you out in this endeavor. First, get your trusted mechanic so that he can inspect your junk car first. By inspecting the car and getting key advice, you may seek out the best price available. Talk to your friends who may be involved in this trade. Seek the advice of recyclers or owners of salvage cars as well.

Assess the car

If a mechanic is not available, you may have to inspect the car yourself. Observe the parts of your junk car, noting any damages. Check out the engine, tires, and paint since these all have bearings on how much you can actually sell your car for.

Make that decision

“That decision” is the choice to either repair any damages that you may have noticed or to sell the junk car as it is. You may be spending more money initially if you decide to repair the car. If you think about it, though, you can sell it at a much higher price. All of this is up to you and your potential buyer.

Find a buyer

This is often the most difficult part as most clients or customers are meticulous in checking possible purchases. Always be open for questions and offer help when needed. There may be buyers who would want only your precious spare parts, so it’s up to you to gauge on whether you will have more profit in selling the junk car as a whole or by selling its parts. As mentioned, always ask around so that you will be able to compare prices as well and not miss out on the many possibilities out there.

Documentation Needed to Junk a Car

In order to junk a car, a title is needed. The title proves ownership of the vehicle being sold. Not only does the title prove ownership, but it also tells if any liens are on the vehicle and if any money is owed on it. If the seller of a vehicle does not have the title, however, this does not mean that it cannot be sold. Many junk car removal companies feature a “No Title No Problem” system, but what does this mean exactly?

New York and New Jersey state laws allow the sale of a junk vehicle without the title as long as other forms of documentation are present so as to prove that the vehicle is not stolen. The other forms of documentation that are needed are the registration and/or insurance card and a copy of the registered owner’s license. In addition to having this type of documentation, the vehicle must be at least eight years old.

Car owners who consider selling their car to junk car removal services become skeptical when the companies ask for further documentation when there is no title. Such worries should not arise. The presentation of such documents is mandatory so as to prove ownership of the vehicle and to prove that the vehicle is not stolen. The presentation of these documents is required by state laws. Hence, purchasing a vehicle without such documentation is illegal.

If a junk car removal service buys a vehicle without the documentation mentioned above, the company may not be a legit company; it may be fraudulent. Be careful when considering which company to sell your junk vehicle to.