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Tips in buying used cars

Buying a used car always involves worries, fears and risks but with the right planning and researching, you will surely get what you paid for. Here are a few tips that may help you along the way.

Create a search team

Do not do your search alone. Tag along a friend or your local mechanic when searching for a used car. This is especially true if you are the impulsive type who will buy anything and everything at first sight. Ask your friend or even your partner, if he or she is interested, to help you in your online search. Most sites provide detailed information and listings on used cars in your area.

Keep asking around and bring a friend along when visiting used car lots and yards. Forums on the Internet are also very helpful in getting tips especially for specific car models. The key here is being vigilant against scams involving salvage or junk cars. You want to make sure that the used car that you will be buying has the proper title and is in good working condition. You can even ask your friend to do the test drive just to see if the car is in top condition.

Stop if you are in doubt.

Photographs can be tricky especially if you are relying on them when doing an online search. Some car owners and dealers do not report car accidents so that they can peg a much higher price for their vehicles. It is also advisable that you purchase a Vehicle History Report (VHR) through legitimate companies just to make sure that the used car that you will be buying has not been involved in any major road accident. Some dishonest sellers are already expert in hiding important information especially when they are selling salvage cars so you should always be on your toes.

It pays to be prepared and knowledgeable when purchasing a used car. By following these tips, you will surely save thousands of dollars and have a better shot of owning your next dream car.

How to change the flat tire of your junk car

It pays to be ready especially when you are on a long road trip. One of the most common problems that you will encounter is a flat tire. This is especially prevalent among old or junk cars since most of the parts are old and in need of replacement. But should you encounter a flat tire while using your junk car on the road, here are a few tips you can follow.

Before even leaving for your chosen destination, you must be fully equipped. Make sure that you always have a jack, working spare tire and a tire iron in your compartment. If not, your only recourse is to call a friend who lives nearby or ring up a tow service, which can be costly on your end.

Aside from the things earlier mentioned, you should always stock up on the other essentials such as flares and reflectors. These will help you inform others that your junk car is pulled over and that you are currently working on changing tires. This will not only contribute greatly on your safety but also protect the welfare of other cars as well, especially during nighttime. If you have companions with you on your trip, you can ask them to help direct traffic away from your stranded junk car.

Ask your companions to vacate the car first so that you can work more efficiently in changing the flat tire. Also get all the things that you will need from the trunk of your junk car so you can save time. You can now pull on your parking brake and turn on your hazard lights as well. Make sure that you are on a smooth and fairly level surface.

Get the jack and place it on a spot on your car’s frame. You can now jack up the car — just make sure that the tire does not come off the ground.

Next step is to remove any hub cap that covers the tire and lug nuts. There are usually slots that you can use to effectively remove these hub caps. Then you can loosen the lug nuts with the tire iron.

In loosening the nuts always remember this: lefty loosey, righty tighty. It means that with a counter clockwise direction, you can loosen the nuts. A clockwise direction will tighten the lug nuts. After making sure that the lug nuts are a little bit loose, you now hoist the junk vehicle with the jack until the tire is off the ground.

You can now remove the lug nuts and the tire as well. Get your spare tire and replace the old one. Make sure that it is facing the right way. Turn on the lug nuts and then gently let the car down using the jack until the tire touches the ground. Tighten the lug nuts even more with just the right amount of pressure. Put back the hub cap and cover. Make sure not to leave any of your things on the road to avoid causing injuries to any cars or pedestrians.

Saving money with salvage cars

Thousands of road accidents happen every year and because of this you can expect more salvage cars in the market. What exactly is a salvage car? It is defined as a vehicle that has been damaged by a road mishap. This car has either been destroyed or damaged so badly that most consider it as good as junk.

While most of these salvaged vehicles have been damaged completely, some can still be repaired and used. If you are low on budget and you can’t afford a brand new car or a used one, then you may want to consider buying a damaged salvage car that you can bring back to a fairly good condition. But before settling for salvage cars, you should take note of the following:

What are the costs involved? This is all matter of finding all the options available at this point. How much will the car parts to be used in the salvage car cost? There are many specialty shops and junk yards around and it is advisable that you check them out first just to make sure that the parts that you will need to make the car functional are all available.

Take note that brand new spare parts can be quite expensive so it is always wise to find as many sources as possible so that you can save money. Look up the Internet for the spare parts that you need. There you will find a lot of kind souls who are willingly give you advice and words of wisdom.

These damaged salvage car dealers can mostly be found online as well, paving the way for more people to save money in finding key spare parts and accessories that they need for their cars. Just be careful in dealing with these companies since a lot of them can be scammers and are out there just to squeeze out money from unsuspecting buyers.