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Why sell your junk car

There are tons of reasons why you should sell your junk car. One of the main reasons why you’d refrain from doing so is because you have been attached to your trusty junk car and that it packs in it many memories of your youth and carefree years.

But instead of letting it gather dust and become a hazard to your family and even neighbors, why not sell it instead and get loads of cash in the process? Many companies throughout the country specialize in buying junk cars and will even offer to pick up your old road companion for free.

So why sell your junk car? The first obvious reason is that it will give you some extra bread for your daily expenses. You may need some help on paying your rent or electricity and the spare cash might even help in your kids’ school expenses. Another advantage you can get is that you can eliminate expenses of paying for your junk car’s insurance. If you dispose your car by selling it, you no longer need to pay the added insurance and this will save you tons of money in the coming years.

Here’s one more reason why you should sell your junk car — it may already be gathering dust in your driveway and may be a health hazard not only to you but also your family and neighbors.

You may also not realize this, but by selling your car, you are guarantee that your car will be disposed of properly. These companies specialize in appropriately neutralizing and disposing your car’s hazardous parts and materials such as oils, acids and coolants.

Once you have decided once and for all that you will be selling your car, you can start calling companies that buy scarp or junk cars. Their representatives will ask for some general information about the car and they will let you know of the offer. Once you agree on the price, they can even arrange the vehicle to be picked up from a location of your choice at no extra cost on your end.

Most companies will give you your check instantly while some will pay you in the next two weeks. So consider selling your junk car today. You will not only get some extra dough but also help the environment as well.

Selling Your Junk Car? Consider a Dismantler

How to maximize cash for your junk car? The question’s a bit tricky ‘cause there are just so many buyers out there who would only be too glad to purchase your junk car. These buyers include middlemen, small towing companies, junkyards, scrapyards and nationwide recycling companies among others. To narrow down your list of potential buyers, try considering selling your car to a dismantler.

A dismantler is basically a company that gets cars for junk to dismantle them and salvage their usable parts. This company is different from a pure scrapyard that simply hauls junk cars, depollutes them (i.e., safely gets rid of their hazardous wastes), and smashes them for the metal. A dismantler takes out spare parts and sells them to buyers for much lower prices than OE components. For instance, say, your car is not roadworthy anymore because it has all sorts of engine damage. However, its bodywork is still completely fine; the doors are in sound condition and the headlights are still working. A dismantler would remove these parts first, sell them, before crushing the remaining parts for the metal.

So why consider a dismantler? Generally, a dismantler will have more money to offer you since they make more money off selling usable spare parts and off the crushed metal. It’s really a better choice than going for small-time local junkyards or towing companies that don’t have that much money. The best place to look for dismantlers is online. Just Google your location and search for dismantlers nearest you. You may also be able to get results for nationwide dismantlers that’ll likely have more money to pay for cars for junk.

Another reason why it’s a great idea to dispose of your junk car through a dismantler is that it’s the “greener” way. Since your car’s components are not processed and sold directly to buyers, there’s less carbon footprint involved. Wouldn’t you want to get rid of your old clunker and help protect the environment in the process? So go ahead and consider a dismantler when trying to sell your junk car.