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Cleaning a Junk Car Interior

Junk cars, before purchase, are stored inside the dealer’s store or junkyard, with their interiors often neglected. Due to this, dirt and dust pileup, making the area look untidy. It could even cause respiratory problems in extreme cases. As the owner, hiring a professional service leads to spending a lot of cash for junk car cleaning and maintenance. You might as well do things on your own. Besides, why hire professionals when the task is quite easy?

Cleaning the interior can be a bit tedious, since junk cars aren’t exactly the tidiest vehicles around. Washing and wiping every corner is necessary, to promote cleanliness and make the area look more than presentable. The ideal places to start are the floor mats, which are prone to collecting piles of dust, rocks and other debris.

To clean the mattresses, remove them from the car’s flooring. Give them a good shake, to remove large debris. If the mattresses are really dirty, scrub them with water mixed with car shampoo or at least soap, ensuring that the dust piles as well as bacteria are displaced.

Normally, vacuuming the car seats would do. But when handling unmaintained junk cars, drastic measures might be necessitated. Scrub the car seats with soap or car shampoo solution, without leaving out the most neglected areas – the seats’ bottom section.

For the dashboard and the nearby sections, moisten a piece of cloth with a little water, then wipe the areas clean. Moisten the rag, after, with vinyl cleaner, then wipe all the sections made of vinyl.

The windows are pretty easy to clean. Just wipe them with a moist cloth. Have an extra rag, in case the one you’re using absorbs too much dirt.

With all the areas either washed or wiped, run a vacuum cleaner over every section of the interior. This step gets rid of any remaining particle, topping off the entire cleaning procedure. Best of all, you have done it without losing cash for junk car cleaning.

A clean interior not only looks good, you’d also feel good while driving. Research states that a disorderly place leads to stress and anxiety, but in this case, those two will be the least of your problems.

How to Spot a Lemon

Some used and junk car salesmen are notorious for selling lemons, damaged-riddled cars passed off as roadworthy vehicles. A lot of people have bought these defective cars, in the hope of getting quality for a cheap price. Before they can pack on the mileage, however, the lemons break down, leading to a pile of repairs and pricey replacements for damaged parts. Avoid such a predicament. Spot a lemon, before you agree to any deal, else you’ll be wasting precious cash for junk cars.

Concealment of Damages

Unscrupulous sellers of junk cars are skilled at concealing damaged sections. Rust-filled portions of the vehicle are covered with paint, oftentimes glossy to hide dents and misaligned portions as well. The same goes for the interior. As for the engine, they do fix some of the damages, but replace the damaged parts with low-quality components. It’s a recipe for disaster, especially for people who fancy long drives.

The Trusty Mechanic

If there’s anyone who can spot concealed defects in an instant, it has to be the mechanic, or at least anyone is well-versed with vehicles. A mechanic can swoop over the car frame, interior and engine – checking the quality of every section – and tell if there’s anything wrong. Highly-skilled mechanics can even tell if the car is in good condition just by the sound of the engine. For a small fee, you can avoid purchasing a substandard junk car.

The Car’s History Report

No matter how good an unscrupulous salesman can conceal damages, a car’s history will reflect its defective parts, particularly mechanisms like the transmission, suspension and the brakes. By browsing through the report, you will see the past repairs of the vehicle, and eventually determine its problem areas.

You can secure a report from the seller, the car’s previous owner or over the Internet. There are websites that generate history reports of junk cars as long as you can provide them the automobile’s Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).

Manual Inspection

If you’re quite as good as any mechanic when it comes to cars, car parts and car engines, you might as well do the vehicle check up yourself. Keep an eye out for poor paint jobs, rough and uneven sections on the car’s frame and poor responsiveness during the test drive. It’s the little details that give lemons away. At the first hint of defects, don’t hesitate to inform the seller. You have every right to do so, since it’s your transport and cash for junk cars on the line.

Wacky Uses for Junk Cars

An automobile is purchased not only for transport, but also for its aesthetics. With glossy paint and perhaps a few add-ons, a junk car comes as pretty as a picture. Creative folks even forgo its main purpose – transportation – in favor of rather unconventional uses. And given its numerous sections, the makeshift world is more than happy to accommodate stylized components of automobiles for a slew of remarkable functions.

Steering Wheel and Hubcap Wall Décor

Steering wheels are things of beauty. New ones look spunky while older ones are blessed with novelty. Sticking several of them onto your wall – especially for white or varnished walls – attracts a lot of much wanted attention. You can repaint them, so they would appear more striking.

Apart from the steering wheel, you can also use restored mag-wheels and hubcaps to create some variety on your wall. A little money for junk cars should award you with several of them.

Car Frame Seats for Restaurants

Diners usually have a classic touch to them, and what better way to create a 50s or 60s theme than to construct seats or even a bar out of the frames of old junk cars. Red is a prominent color during those eras, so you can add a hint of red to the frame or the seats. To stylize the theme even further, you can add framed photographs and movie posters of classic celebrities and sports stars.

Portable Cup Holders

The cup holders of junk cars can be recycled to create portable cup holders in your bedroom or living room. Extract the holders then stick them to a light and durable base. Once done, set them on your desk or by your computer. Now you won’t have to worry about your drinks toppling over.

Modern Art

Lowbrow is currently the trend in the world of art. With the number of components that a junk car has, an artist can craft more than a few pieces, enough to merit an exhibit. Apart from dazzling art critics, this is a great way to make much money for junk cars, given the value of an art piece.

There are more uses for the junk cars and junk car parts apart from the ones mentioned. As long as the human mind revels in its creativity, a junk car – or anything for that matter – is a treasure chest filled with a wide variety of useful items. If MacGyver can do it, so can you.